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Novell GroupWise to Notes Conversion

There is plethora of email messaging clients being used today and one of the worst situations is dealing with data loss while migrating from one email client to another. It is not only difficult but takes more time and energy in migrating from an email client. Every mailbox contains an email, contacts, calendar entries and many other related information. Converting entire mailbox needs specific skills and the perfect software solution.

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GroupWise is a messaging and collaborative software platform by Novell that supports emails, instant messaging, document management and personal information management easily. To convert Novell GroupWise emails to Lotus Notes with utmost precision and accuracy, one needs to own Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Notes software.

Easy to use and interactive software, it is the best utility available in the market. The software is capable of converting single GroupWise files as well as multiple files in one go.

Integrated with excellent set of algorithms, The software scans GroupWise mailbox thoroughly and converts to NSF file to be saved at desired location. You can save the converted file in hard disk, pen drives or any other storage device as and when required.

It has three migration modes that make it such an excellent utility to use:

Default Mode: it allows converting the currently configured mailbox items to the Lotus Notes
Login Mode: it enables the tool to select GroupWise mailbox stored at remote computer by specifying login credentials
Command Line mode: This is the most advanced option that should be used only if you have expert in depth knowledge of command line tools. It allows the GroupWise conversion from remote computer to Lotus Notes.

One of the best reasons to use this software is that it uses GroupWise mailbox as read only copy. Hence, no changes are made in the GroupWise mailbox so that it always stays the original format and can be used anytime. Moreover, you can perform selective migration from GroupWise.

This utility is easy to download and install. It makes entire migration easy and less troublesome. Along with all the amazing features it offers, it ensures complete and accurate conversion of complete/selective GroupWise to Notes within minutes.

Trial version

Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Lotus Notes is also available in the free trial version. The trial edition allows the user to migrate GroupWise to Lotus Notes files with some limitation that is; you can only save first ten items of every folder but not convert or save entire Novell GroupWise items. To be able to convert entire Novell GroupWise items into Lotus Notes file, purchase complete the software.

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